Charles McBee



Comedian Charles McBee is inviting a panel of guests on his show to open up a dialogue on issues that are polarizing our new social and political climate. These guests are a diverse group of comedians, artists & influencers with different political and social backgrounds and strong opinions. The U.S of O is a “safe space” for the first amendment. And most importantly we use laughter as a way of showing that you can agree to disagree with someone without hating their guts,(Hopefully). Charles doesn’t hold back, so there’s no limit to what can happen on The United States of Outrage.


Corinne Fisher (Guys we F#@$ed Podcast, Sorry About Last Night, Just For Laughs)

Alzo Slade (HBO’s Vice News Tonight, Comedy Central’s Thank You, Goodnight)

Francis Ellis (Sirius XM Barstool Breakfast)

Doors 9:00 PM, show 9:30 PM.
Tickets $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

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